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GivBux is the next-generation platform, connecting social communities — and creating a social impact like no-other.

Our Vision

Revolutionizing The Way
We Shop and Donate

With a vision for the future and a philanthropic twist, GivBux the newest mobile wallet, will forever impact the causes we care about most while giving everyone an oppurtunity to make additional income with just a few taps.

Our Mission

Building the wallet of tomorrow.

We will push the boundaries of technology for our consumers and communities. Our solutions will empower the industry to embrace a new digital era of mobile wallets, traditional ways of connection and transactions, and providing digital solutions to longstanding business challenges.
“Our platform will bring tremendous efforts to better connect our users, communities and create an immense social impact.”
Kenyatto Jones, CEO

What we built today

A revolutionary mobile
wallet developed to create the largest social impact yet

Our mobile wallet is the first to bring our data-based technology and tools to the mobile wallet industry. Already benefitting all parties involved, we continue to see growth in our users. GivBux commands a talented team of engineers in big-data, applied AI and UI/UX design. Strategic internal process automation is the secret to the rapid development and seamless rollout of GivBux´s disruptive and intuitive mobile wallet. Keeping the customers’ needs in focus is the key to our innovation strategy.
“With most established players around for a while, the industry is desperate for real product innovation again. Our priority at GivBux: The perfect user experience for consumers, business owners, and charities.”
Chris Cruz

What we are tomorrow

The maritime product universe, that reinvents a whole industry

The maritime sector has always pushed the boundaries of technology. In addition to our near-term product innovation, Boatim is looking to serve the entire product universe, incl. rental, charter and shared ownership. We plan to offer comprehensive solutions for all the challenges ahead, making us the all-in-one stop for the maritime world. As boats continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible, we will outfit boaters at all stages with the same cutting edge attitude. Starting with our marketplace and social community, and ultimately transforming the industry at large.
“Tools for a new generation of digital boaters: in our age & time that is all about qualified data and delivery of the perfect match.”
Patrick Burkert

Why invest in GivBux?


GivBux is a publicly listed startup company on the OTCMKTS Market. Become part of our journey and benefit directly from how we revolutionize the mobile wallet industry.
When best to invest in Tech Start-Ups?

Naturally, the earlier the development stage of a business, the higher the risk but also the potential upside. Usually, professional VC and PE investors have already snatched most of the value increase when tech company shares become publically tradable.


Following our customer relevance culture, GivBux shares are accessible early on so that investors, be they simply interested tech entrepeneurs, professional or private investors, might benefit from our growth trajectory right from the beginning.

What are my risks when investing in GivBux?

The usual risks apply when investing in a young and innovative company, that aims to disrupt an existing market and to further develop entirely new markets:


The actual results may vary from our projections, timelines may be longer than expected or costs may end up higher than planned.


We are reliant on qualified personnel and the right decisions made by our leadership team at the right time in order to execute on the business plan and deliver on our vision.


There are no guarantees for our share price development to continue on its recent path up in the future.

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Why/How can GivBux grow its market share so quickly?

By introducing new social and charitable technology many of the current platform practices offer. By introducing data-analytics driven tools and capabilities we have begun to attract cosnumers, businesses and charities to our disruptive platform.


Our business strategy allows for much accelerated capture of target market share, since we do not need to reinvent existing revenue models but focus on adding substantial value with innovative capabilities. We are drawing customers to our better platform & products.


Our proprietary software is built data-centric and UX focused - Comparing GivBux with existing platforms is like comparing a fuel car with an electric: Our architecture design follows GivBux´s innovative digitizing and marketing approach from its core, changing how things are done in the boating industry.

Where does Boatim want to be in 2 years time?

A similar approach was done in the car industry and catapulted the newcomer to become the biggest player in what was before considered a saturated market, scaling its revenues to more than $500m last year and giving it a valuation of near 40x P/E or $2.6bn.


AirBnB digitized the hospitality business, making C2C closed loop transactions possible and unlocking an entire new market segment. They have recently announced to plan their IPO - at a staggering $3bn valuation.


We aim to capture at least 10% of any target market GivBux products address within 2 years of a respective rollout.

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